The Family Tree Saga

My Latest Book: The Mirror of Naples

A world of women who lived their lives in our past.

It was all so very different in the past. In our history lessons we learnt the dates and the events, we even learnt the names of some important people and what they said and did. But they were mostly men. What about the women? What did they do? My books will lead you down the centuries, following the lives of some of the women in my family tree.

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The Pearl of France

Marguerite 1299


Nineteen years old, married to her brother's enemy, an old man she never met until her wedding day - and all in the name of peace.

The Queen's Spy

Margaret 1325


A deceit is forged in the fire of treason and betrayal, but no-one can be trusted and love is no protection from the sins of the past.

The Fair Maid of Kent

Joan 1340


An enduring love in a dangerous world where a man may not be all he seems and your most powerful enemy is the one you cannot see.

An Illegitimate Affair

Alys 1374


The prince is dying, the king is in his dotage and vultures are circling the throne. The heir is not the powerful duke of Lancaster but seven-year-old Richard, half-brother to Alys's husband, Thomas Holand.

The Epiphany Betrayal

Nell 1397


Richard II's reign has descended into a nightmare world of execution, banishment and murder. Only those whom the king loves are safe and much of his fury is directed at the family of Nell Holand's mother.

The Making of a Tudor

Alice 1421


Henry V, victor of Agincourt is now heir to the kingdom of France but in England, trouble is brewing. The Earl of Salisbury is to remarry and his only child, a daughter, Alice, is panic-stricken.

Fire and Fleet and Candlelight

Kathryn 1453


Kathryn Nevill, young daughter of the Earl and Countess of Salisbury, imagines she is safe. But this is a country in turmoil with a weak and unstable king surrounded by men hungry for power.

The Woodville Conspiracy

Cecily 1474


Cecily, Lady Harington, comes to the court of Edward IV to marry the queen's eldest son. She has high expectations, but Thomas Grey is no prince.

The Mirror of Naples

Elizabeth 1514


Elizabeth Grey travels to Abbeville for a wedding. Her half-blood cousin, Mary, sister of Henry VIII, is to marry Louis XII, the elderly King of France, an alliance designed to cause alarm to the other great powers of Europe.