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The Making of a Tudor

Alice 1421


Henry V, victor of Agincourt is now heir to the kingdom of France but in England, trouble is brewing. The Earl of Salisbury is to remarry and his only child, a daughter, Alice, is panic-stricken.


If the earl's new wife gives birth to a son. Alice will lose her inheritance, including the Salisbury title which is coveted by Alice's husband, the ambitious Richard Nevill. In an attempt to prevent this catastrophe Alice seeks help from a notorious wise woman, unaware of how much interest the powerful Bishop Beaufort is taking in her activities.

When the king dies, leaving a nine-month-old child as heir to the throne, men start scrambling for power. Alice and her cousin Edmund Beaufort are commanded by the bishop to befriend the widowed queen. But what appears as a kindness to a lonely young woman is in fact a clever plan to place the Beauforts closer to the throne, a direct threat to the child-king's uncle, Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester.

When Edmund at last makes his move, Alice discovers she has been duped but is unable to escape the trap laid for her by the bishop or ask her husband for help. And as events reach their inevitable horrifying climax she is forced into betraying a friend.

From intrigues at the court of a widowed queen to the heat and fear of war-torn France, this is a story of forbidden love and cold-hearted betrayal in a superstitious age where the punishment for a woman found guilty of treasonable witchcraft is to be burned alive at the stake.



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