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Fire and Fleet and Candlelight

Kathryn 1453


Kathryn Nevill, young daughter of the Earl and Countess of Salisbury, imagines she is safe. But this is a country in turmoil with a weak and unstable king surrounded by men hungry for power.


In the North, the Percy brothers are conducting a private war against their Nevill cousins while in the South West the Earl of Devon's son pursues his own deadly blood feud with the Bonvilles.

One summer's day, while returning home from a wedding, Kathryn comes face to face with a shocking act of violence unleashed against her and her family. When her father finds her a husband she sees a way to escape these horrors only to discover that her new life in the West Country is steeped in its own particular brand of murderous savagery. Kathryn believes love will be her salvation but in the dangerous world of a country at war with itself, the lesson to be learned is that love only carries you so far.

Fire and Fleet and Candlelight is set in the time of the Wars of the Roses, a tale of love and loss, of family loyalty and unimaginable tragedy but ultimately a story of fortitude and hope.



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