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The Fair Maid of Kent

Joan 1340


An enduring love in a dangerous world where a man may not be all he seems and your most powerful enemy is the one you cannot see.


Joan of Kent, beautiful young cousin of the king of England, is poised on the brink of marriage with the earl of Salisbury's son. While plans are made for the king's continuing war with France, the families gather to celebrate the wedding.

But the bride is in tears. For unbeknown to everyone, Joan has a secret and it is one so scandalous, so unspeakably shocking, that discovery could destroy this glorious marriage and place the lives of those Joan loves in danger.

From the glittering court of Edward III to the lonely border fortress of Wark and the bleak marshlands before the walls of Calais, Joan must face a jealous and increasingly suspicious husband as she treads a careful path, precariously balanced between truth and deception, knowing love is an illusion and one false step could spell disaster.



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