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The Queen's Spy

Margaret 1325


A deceit is forged in the fire of treason and betrayal, but no-one can be trusted and love is no protection from the sins of the past.


Margaret Wake is a woman of little consequence at the tiny court of Queen Isabella in Paris. She has been a widow for eleven years and doesn't expect another chance at happiness. When it comes, she seizes it with both hands. The queen, however, is not pleased.

While Margaret begins a new marriage, Roger Mortimer, Margaret's cousin and an enemy of Isabella's estranged husband, Edward II, is plotting with the queen. An invasion of England is planned and in the turmoil of regime change, Margaret discovers a dark and very dangerous secret.

As she moves from the French king's magnificent palaces to the claustrophobic confines of the English court, Margaret must decide who to take into her confidence and if what she thinks she knows, is the truth or something else entirely. Her choice will be a matter of life or death.



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