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The Epiphany Betrayal

Nell 1397


Richard II's reign has descended into a nightmare world of execution, banishment and murder. Only those whom the king loves are safe and much of his fury is directed at the family of Nell Holand's mother.


When Henry of Lancaster seizes the throne from his tyrannical cousin, no-one could be happier than Nell. But her Montagu father-in-law and her uncle, the dangerously ambitious John Holand, are plotting to restore Richard to his throne.

Entrusted with delivering a secret message, Nell must decide which of the players in this dangerous game can be trusted and who most deserves her loyalty. Her decision made, she quickly finds her world turned upside down and in the chaos which follows she is faced with a life of hardship and danger, the possessor of a secret which must be kept from her husband if she is to remain safe.



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