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An Illegitimate Affair

Alys 1374


The prince is dying, the king is in his dotage and vultures are circling the throne. The heir is not the powerful duke of Lancaster but seven-year-old Richard, half-brother to Alys's husband, Thomas Holand.


Alys is the daughter of the earl of Arundel and does not care for her husband. She considers him dull, unambitious and a disappointment in every way. She yearns for the young man to whom she was once betrothed.

But her view of a golden past is shattered when her father dies and she learns of a monstrous deceit practised by her parents. Disillusioned, and frightened for her future, she turns for comfort to her mother-in-law, the princess - a woman with dangerous secrets of her own

In a time of intrigue and rebellion, Alys has been warned of the risks and thinks she knows how to protect herself. But when danger finally comes, it arrives in disguise, and Alys finds herself knowing only half the story.

From elegant riverside palaces to the wilds of the Yorkshire moors and the shabby upstairs room of a London tavern, this is a tale of infidelity, deception and the true nature of love.



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