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The Woodville Conspiracy

Cecily 1474


Cecily, Lady Harington, comes to the court of Edward IV to marry the queen's eldest son. She has high expectations, but Thomas Grey is no prince.


He is the product of Queen Elizabeth Woodville's first marriage - a "nobody" in the eyes of Cecily's mother.

On her wedding night Cecily discovers she has a rival for her husband's affections and in the ensuing battle realises that all is not what it seems. Behind the intoxicating glamour of the royal court there are dangerous forces at play which threaten Cecily and her family. As the mystery surrounding her mother-in-law deepens and people begin dying, Cecily tries to uncover the truth. But when chaos engulfs her world, a struggle for power begins and she finds herself alone and in danger as those she loved and once trusted, prove false.

The Woodville Conspiracy is a story of love and betrayal with, at its heart, a secret which will forever lie beneath thebattlefield at Bosworth.



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